Portsmouth wins bid to host UK Pride 2025


There are 500 days to go until Portsmouth hosts UK Pride in 2025, following Portsmouth Pride’s successful bid to host the city's largest gathering of its LGBTQ+ community and allies.

The event, planned to take place on Saturday 7 June 2025, will welcome people from across the country who will follow the occasion with interest.

UK Pride 2025 will be more than just one day; events leading up to the main day event, including a week of Pride and various events for the community to engage with, will take place too.

CP, the Vice Chair of Portsmouth Pride, said: “Bidding to host UK Pride has been a labour of love and it’s been my privilege to lead the bid team made up of such incredibly talented and committed volunteers, as well as working with our stakeholders across the city who have supported our bid.

“The competition was intense and we were up against some great cities but we’re so honoured to have been awarded the title and looking forward to putting Portsmouth Pride on national display in 2025.”

The journey to winning the bid to host UK Pride in 2025 began in October 2022, with volunteers from across the Pride team and partner organisations from across Portsmouth supporting efforts to achieve this moment.

It has been a real team effort from an array of volunteers driven to make the city a more inclusive and diverse place to live and love. 

Andi Herring, Co-Chair of UK Pride Organisers Network (UKPON), said: "The UK Pride Organisers Network members selected Portsmouth Pride to be the host of UK Pride 2025 with a strong majority. 

"The UKPON board are excited with the activities and events Portsmouth have laid out in their bid. This will really aid in championing their message of Pride being more than just one day."

Further details about UK Pride 2025 will be released on our website soon. But for now, we'll see you at Portsmouth Pride in 2024. 

By Sam Poole (He/Him)

Volunteer Marketing & Communications Manager, Portsmouth Pride

Photos By Chantale Goble (She/Her)

Volunteer Official Photographer, Portsmouth Pride & Goble Photography