Official Merchandise 

The story behind our Official Merchandise:

Violet or Lavender? This beautiful colour has been part of the history of our community back to Sappho in 7BC, she wrote of giving younger women 'violet tiaras' to signify her feelings towards them. In the 1920's, women gifted violets to each other as symbols of sapphic affection. Oscar Wilde wrote of his 'Purple Hours' spent with boys and Abraham Lincoln was even known to have an early male friendship described as having a "streak of lavender, and spots as soft as violets".

More well known perhaps, is "The Lavender Scare" of the US, a nationwide witch hunt to purge gay men and women from positions of public service which in part led to purple sashes and armbands coming to represent empowerment in the "Gay Power" march of 1969 to commemorate the Stonewall Riots. 

Throughout our history, there are countless subversive possibilities to the meaning behind the use of Lavender, so what better colour to theme our brand new Official Merch range for 2023. Designed by Craig Maxwell, part of the queer, Portsmouth community and printed by Sea Dog Print, our t-shirt features a beautiful bunch of lavender above the tagline "Still a Protest" with the new Portsmouth Pride Main Day emblem on the chest, each letter a different size and shape to represent our differences in the community coming together to make 'Portsmouth Pride'.

You can pick up one of our t-shirts as well as brand-new mugs, pin badges, and lanyards from our stalls at the Love Southsea market or from the Official Merch Stall at Portsmouth Pride on 10 June. Every penny raised from the merch goes back into supporting Portsmouth Pride's year-round projects and campaigns, as well as making sure that we always #KeepPrideFree.

Where can I purchase the Portsmouth Pride Official Merchandise?

You may purchase the official merchandise at the Portsmouth Pride Main Day Event by visiting the Portsmouth Pride stand, or at our market on Palmerston Road in Southsea at the Love Southsea Market